Introduction to Mendelgen

Mendelgen is an online sequence editing and manipulation tool. It combines all necessary features for your genetic experiments (DNA digests, primer design, translation features) with minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive design, easy on the eyes thanks to day/night mode.

To begin, create or upload your first sequence. Mendelgen supports import of .fasta, .dna, .gb, .gbk, .txt sequence formats, thus it is compatible with many instruments you may be using in the lab. Please refer to the guide to optimize your work using hotkeys and proposed workflows.

This tutorial includes all detail about Mendelgen functionality. You will learn all from creating the sequence to using advanced features such as codon optimization, sequence alignment, etc. To better demonstrate how Mendelgen may assist you in experiments, we provide a case study on the example of cloning into a pLentiCRISPR vector


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Mendelgen
  2. Controls Overview
  3. Hotkeys
  4. Workspace and Viewing Preferences Dashboard
  5. Vector Wizard
  6. Working With Your Sequence
  7. Using Mendelgen for DNA Editing (Advanced Features)
  8. Advanced Settings
  9. Case Study: Cloning into lentiCRISPR vector
  10. Polymerase Chain Reaction
  11. Cloning Methods
    1. Restriction Enzyme Cloning
    2. Gibson Assembly
    3. TA Cloning
    4. Gateway Cloning
    5. Golden Gate Cloning (This one is on Medium)
    6. In-Fusion Cloning