Controls Overview

The controls appear once the first sequence is created. You will find them on the top of the page. Some of the controls have hotkey options.

SaveThis icon will help you save your file on Mendelgen Dashboard. If you would like to save it elsewhere, please use the Export option.
ExportThe Export function is available for downloading your sequence as a GenBank file, FASTA file, or JSON file.
ImportUse Import function if you need to add a sequence from your computer. Mendelgen supports .fasta, .dna, .gb, .gbk, .txt formats.
UndoReverses the last action.
RedoReverses the action that has been undone. Available only after using Undo function.
Show Cut Sites/ Hide Cut SitesYou can control how many and what digest sites you see on the map. The dropdown menu provides various filtering options: single/double/triple cutters, as well as specific enzymes, available for the current sequence.
Show/Hide featuresThis function allows you to control the display of annotations on your sequence map.
Show/Hide primersThis function allows you to control the display of primers on your sequence map.
Show/Hide Open Reading FramesYou can see the available ORFs and the dropdown menu provides you with a possibility to control the minimum ORF size as well as the display of noncanonical start codons (GTC and CTG).
Sequence AlignmentMendelgen has a function of alignment. You can upload sequences for alignment in formats .ab1, .fasta, .gb or manually paste.
Switch to Read Only ModeWhen the Read Only Mode is on, you can’t make any changes.
Find in SequenceOpens a window for searching within a sequence.
Show Visibility OptionsYou can personalize your sequence view. In addition to quick access options on the Control Panel (showing/hiding primers, cut sites, ORFs), you can select various feature types, change sequence case, translate the sequence, color the bases, modify labels, change axis. The feature types are categorized and grouped based on the annotations provided for the sequence.
Optimize Sequence DataYou can optimize your sequence depending on the host organism.
Day/Night ModeAllows switching between the light and dark modes to decrease the burden on your eyes.
My Dashboard/ Log OutThe Dashboard contains the list of your files (sequence workspaces).

File: operations with sequence files such as renaming, saving, deleting, creating a new sequence. Also available in Controls panel: Read-Only Mode, Import Sequence, Export Sequence. You can Print from here and see the Revision history.

Edit: operations with a sequence itself such as copying/pasting DNA sequence, creating complements, changing case, and search.

View: equals to Show Visibility Options from Control Panel. Also includes an access to Zoomable View.

Tools: operations with sequence such as removing duplicates, digest simulation, auto-annotation, and adding additional enzymes.

Help: contains information about Mendelgen including the version, tutorial, and hotkeys information.